Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Austin AFT3 Osprey Triplane

This aircraft was designed in 1917 and was intended to compete with the Sopwith Snipe. 
The Osprey was of wooden construction with fabric skinning, the six wings were interchangeable. A 230hp Bentley BR2 nine-cylinder rotary engine supplied the power. 

The armament comprised two fixed 7.7mm Vickers machine guns which are synchronised to fire when the blades of the revolving airscrew are not in line with the gun barrels. Also a one semi-free Lewis gun of similar calibre is mounted to the centre-section of the middle wing, to fire upwards over the top wing. 
The Osprey was flown for the first time in February 1918, but performance proved to be inferior to that of the Snipe, and construction of the other two prototypes was abandoned.

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