Monday, June 19, 2017

Hans Adam

Born, Hans Adam on 24 May 1886, in Bavaria. Prior to WW1 he saw brief service in the Royal Bavarian Army. Adam returned to service as a lieutenant in the Bavarian 15th Reserve Infantry Regiment. He fought in the Battle of the Frontiers where he was wounded. After recuperating, he returned to the front in late 1915, but then chose to enter pilot training (despite his age (29), which made him much older than most pilot trainees). He received his Observer's Badge on 15 May 1916 and began service as an aerial observer.


On 2 March 1917, he joined Jasta 34 and scored his first three victories in an Albatros D.III.
He then transferred to Jasta 6. Here he continued to score, totaling 12 confirmed victories by the end of August. 

He rose to become commanding officer of Jasta 6 on 30 August 1917 and scored the following day, he then ran off seven more victories in September. He scored his 21st and final victory on 6 November 1917.

Adam was shot down and killed on 15 November 1917 near Langemarck, Belgian, in his Albatros D.V. He was 28 years old. 

By the time of his death, Adam had already won the Iron Cross First Class and the Military Merit Order of Bavaria. 

Adam would posthumously receive the Knight's Cross with Swords of the Royal House Order of Hohenzollern.

He would also posthumously receive, Bavaria's highest military decoration, the Military Order of Max Joseph

This last decoration raised him to nobility which was signified by the title "Ritter von" and he became Hans Ritter von Adam.

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