Monday, March 6, 2017

Walter Blume

Blume originally began his WWl service in the 5th Silesian Jaeger Battalion where became wounded in September 1914. After recuperating, June 1915, he began pilot training. His flying career started in two-seater Aviatik reconnaissance aircraft with Field Flier Detachment 65 from 18 June 1916 through 20 January 1917.
During this time he would receive the Iron Cross Second Class and in August of 1916, he was promoted to Vizefeldwebel (non-commissioned officer).

In January of the following year he successfully asked for a transfer to flying single-seat fighters. He was commissioned a leutnant, and joined Jasta 26 and he scored his first victory for Jasta 26 on 10 May 1917.
Blume was a natural fighter pilot. In August, he received the Iron Cross First Class and became an ace in October of 1917.

In November he would receive a serious chest wound in combat and was hospitalized for over 3 months.
After a spell with Fliegerersatz-Abteilung (Replacement Detachment) 3, Blume returned to active duty, commanding Jasta 9 in March of 1918.

He scored a further 22 victories, all with his new unit. With the exception of two double scores he accumulated his successes singly, mostly fighters. Only four of his victories were over two-seater aircraft. He flew in both Albatros fighters and the Fokker D.VII.

Blume was awarded the Knight's Cross of the House Order of Hohenzollern in August 1918 followed by the German Empire's most prestigious medal, the Pour le Merite on 2 October 1918. 

Blume finished the war with 28 victories. He resigned from military service on 15 January 1919.

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