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Karl Bolle

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When WW1 broke out Bolle enlisted in the 7th von Seydlitz Kürassier Regiment and was sent to fight on the Western Front. In 1915 his regiment was transferred to the Eastern Front and by the end of the year, he had been awarded the Iron Cross, second class.
He transferred to the air service in February 1916, undertook his initial training at Johannistal, Germany, then was forwarded to Fliegerschule 5 in Hannover. Later he was transferred to Jasta I where he trained to become a fighter pilot. 

The standard German practice was to be trained initially at a Fliegerschule (Pilot Replacement Unit) and serve initially in a two-seater unit and then later transfer for training as a fighter pilot at a Jastaschule (experienced squadron) where they would be closely tutored by experts with frontline experience. They also had access to captured British and French fighters to familiarize themselves with their opponent's aircraft.

At any rate, upon completion, he was assigned to the bombing group Kagohl IV in July, 1916.
Bolle was wounded in October, 1916 in combat with five French fighters. He crash landed within friendly lines and despite his own injury dragged his injured observer safely out of the shell-fire directed at their downed aircraft. 

Karl Bolle.jpg

Bolle recovered and in July 1917 he was posted to Jasta 28 and scored 5 victories before assuming command of Jasta 2 as an Oberleutnant on 20 February 1918. In August, having downed 28 opponents, he was promoted to Rittmeister and received the Military Merit Cross, the Royal House Order of Hohenzollern and the Blue Max. 
Bolle finished the war with 36 victories.


Fokker Dr1 413-17 With Karl Bolle getting ready for flight of Jasta 2 Boelcke..jpg

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