Sunday, January 8, 2017

Short lived interwar aircraft.

Vickers Type 161 

 In 1930 the British Air Ministry was researching an interceptor fighter operating as a stable gun platform for the Coventry Ordnance 37mm gun. Specifications also called for a top speed well in excess of a typical bomber's cruising speed and a good rate of climb. The gun was to be mounted at 45 degrees or more above the horizontal, so that the aircraft could fly below the target bomber or airship, and fire upwards into it.

The Vickers Type 161 and the Westland Aircraft C.O.W. Gun Fighter were designed and built in reply to the Ministry’s specifications. The aircraft flew well but re-thinking in the Air Ministry saw that the increasing speed of newer fighter aircraft was reducing the window of successful use of this design and it held little or no advantage over conventional set ups and the concept was abandoned.

 Westland "Gun Fighter"

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